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17+ Unique Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Husband

Updated: Jun 17

unique anniversary gifts for husband

What makes a perfect gift? Unique anniversary gifts usually have an element of surprise, the wow factor, and something that you can both cherish for years.

Wedding anniversary is one of those days where you aren’t sure what kind of gifts to pick. Of course, you can go with the usual gift ideas like flowers, chocolates, cakes, jewelry. What if there is something better?

What if you can pick something with deep emotional value? Duck Duck Story brings you more than a dozen unique anniversary gifts for your husband to pick from. Save the post and surprise him with one each year.

Quick List

Personalized Anniversary Love Story Book

If your husband has everything, how about a super cute love story book of your own? It is one of those gifts that you can look back and cherish for years to come.

What is it?

A personalized anniversary love story book is a unique and sentimental gift that celebrates a couple's journey of love and commitment. It is designed to capture the special moments, memories, and milestones of the relationship in a beautifully illustrated and customized book.

How does it work?

The person creating the book will collect important details about the couple, such as their names, anniversary date, and significant moments in their relationship. This can include the story of how they met, their first date, special vacations, or any other memorable events.

Is it a unique anniversary gift idea for my husband?


One of the key aspects of a personalized anniversary love story book is the inclusion of personalization elements. This can involve incorporating the couple's names, photos, and other specific details throughout the book. It's common to see custom illustrations or caricatures of the couple, showcasing their unique characteristics and personalities.

Date of Love Surprise Gift Idea

What if there is a cute way to frame your wedding date? Date of Love is an anniversary block hand-crafted by your cute caricatures and real dresses. It can sit elegantly on your shelf or stored quietly to be looked upon on special occasions.

Or it can also be a subtle dig at your husband if he keeps forgetting the anniversary date : )

What is it?

Date of Love is designed to commemorate a special date in a couple's relationship, such as their anniversary or the day they met. The product allows you to create a customized and visually appealing block that features the significant date along with personalized details.

How does it work?

Once you've chosen the date, you can customize the dresses with additional details. This may include the names of the couple, a short personalized message, or any other text that holds significance to you.

How is it unique?

The final product is a personalized and stylish print that showcases the couple's special date and any additional personalized details. It serves as a meaningful and romantic gift that can be displayed in the couple's home, reminding them of their love and the cherished moments they've shared.

Anniversary Song of Love

Ever wanted a song about him and you. A personalized love song is one the unique anniversary gifts for husbands. Created in a studio with the help of top artists across the world, you can really surprise him with this one.

A song that surely will be on your playlist for years to come.

What is it?

A custom anniversary love song is a personalized and unique musical composition created specifically for a couple to celebrate their anniversary. It is a heartfelt and romantic gift that captures the essence of their relationship, memories, and emotions through music and lyrics.

The songwriter will craft personalized and heartfelt lyrics that reflect the couple's unique story and emotions. The lyrics can incorporate specific details and memories, express love and appreciation, and capture the essence of their relationship.

How does it work?

The songwriter or composer will collect important details about the couple, such as their names, anniversary date, and significant moments in their relationship. This can include the story of how they met, their journey together, shared experiences, or any other meaningful events that have shaped their love story.

Once the lyrics are written, the songwriter will create an original musical composition to accompany the words. This involves creating melodies, chord progressions, and arrangements that align with the desired style and atmosphere of the song.

After the song has been composed, it is recorded and produced to ensure high-quality sound. This typically involves professional recording equipment, instruments, and the expertise of musicians and audio engineers to bring the song to life.

Is it a unique first anniversary gift for my husband?

Unlike traditional gifts, a custom anniversary love song is not something that can be easily bought off the shelf or replicated. It is a personalized creation that reflects the couple's unique journey, memories, and emotions. The lyrics, melodies, and overall composition are crafted specifically for the couple, making it a truly special and memorable gift.

A custom anniversary love song is not just a physical item but an experience. It allows the couple to listen to a song that is exclusively theirs, capturing their love story in a beautiful and artistic form. It can be an intimate and emotional moment for the couple as they listen to the lyrics and melodies that express their deepest feelings and memories.

Custom Audio Radio-like Show

How about a radio show that revolves around you and your husband. Imagine that it starts with “good morning and happy anniversary”. It talks about your beautiful relationship and stitches some great songs that you both love.

Sounds interesting?

What is it?

A custom gift audio radio-like show is a personalized and creative present that resembles a radio broadcast or podcast episode. It is designed to entertain and delight the recipient by incorporating elements such as storytelling, music, interviews, and special messages.

How does it work?

The person creating the show will work closely with the recipient to determine the concept and theme of the audio production. This can include discussing the recipient's interests, favorite music, memorable moments, or any other relevant topics that will make the show personalized and engaging.

Based on the concept, a script is written for the show. The script may include elements like storytelling, interviews, skits, jokes, or heartfelt messages. It's an opportunity to tell a unique narrative or capture the essence of the recipient's personality and experiences.

To enhance the audio experience, sound effects and music are added to the show. This can include background music, jingles, sound bites, or other audio elements that help create a dynamic and engaging production.

How is it unique?

The content of the show is customized to reflect the recipient's preferences and experiences. It can include their favorite music, inside jokes, interviews with loved ones, or heartfelt messages from friends and family. This level of customization ensures that the show is truly one-of-a-kind.

A custom gift audio radio-like show stands out as a unique gift due to its personalized content, creative storytelling, emotional connection, interactive nature, and distinctive presentation. It is a thoughtful and memorable surprise gift for husband on anniversary that showcases the thought and effort put into creating a customized audio experience for the recipient.

Artify Me Frame

Turn your husband into a work of art.

The custom frame is designed to showcase your photos in a unique and artistic way. It offers a customizable framing service where you can turn your cherished photos into stunning, hand-drawn digital illustrations.

What is it?

The Artify Me custom frame from Duck Duck Story is a product that allows you to transform your favorite photos into personalized artworks.

How does it work?

Once you have selected the photo, Duck Duck Story's team of artists will digitally hand-draw an artistic interpretation of the image. They will use their artistic skills to create a unique illustration that captures the essence and emotions of the original photo. Along with the hand-drawn illustration, you have the option to customize various aspects of the artwork. This can include selecting the style and color scheme, adding personalized text, or incorporating additional design elements that reflect your preferences.

How is it unique?

The artwork is created specifically from your chosen photo, making it a highly personalized piece. The hand-drawn digital illustration transforms your photo into a one-of-a-kind artwork, reflecting your unique memories, moments, and emotions.

Unique Custom Anniversary Poetry

Love poems?

If you and your husband are into poems, you can get one crafted specifically for you both. It would be a perfect unique anniversary gift idea for your husband.

What is it?

Personalized anniversary gift poetry allows you to have a poem specially crafted to commemorate a special occasion, express your feelings, or celebrate a loved one. The poems are customized according to your specific requirements and can be tailored to suit various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any other significant event.

How is it unique?

The result is a custom poem that is crafted specifically for you or your loved one, capturing the emotions, memories, and sentiments associated with the occasion. It offers a unique and personal way to express your feelings, celebrate a special moment, or convey a message of love and appreciation.

Unique Couples’ Splash Frame

Transform your couple selfies or pictures in a creative splash of colors and fun.

While Artify Me is limited to a single picture, Splash Frame is awesome for you both.

What is it?

It is a frame specifically designed to showcase your photos with a splash of creativity. It offers a modern and innovative twist to traditional photo frames by incorporating a unique design element that creates the illusion of your photo being splashed with water.

The frame is made of high-quality materials and consists of two transparent acrylic panels. The front panel has a specially designed pattern that resembles splashing water, while the back panel securely holds your photo in place. When the photo is inserted between the panels, it appears as if it's floating within the splash pattern, adding a dynamic and artistic touch to the display.

How does it work?

Choose a photo that you want to display in the Splash Art. It can be a memorable moment, a loved one, or any image that holds significance to you. The splash pattern design creates a visually captivating effect that draws attention to your photo. It adds a sense of movement, energy, and artistic flair to the displayed image, making it stand out as a focal point.

Artists handcraft the art of your memorable pictures.

How is it unique?

The frame can be used to display various types of photos, including personal memories, family portraits, artistic snapshots, or any image that you want to showcase in a unique and eye-catching way. It is a handy surprise gift for husband on anniversary.

Mini You

If a cute thing is what you wanna go for, how about a mini crochet doll that resembles you and your husband?

What is it?

The Mini You is a custom-made figurine created in your likeness or the likeness of someone you choose. It is designed to capture the unique features and characteristics of the individual, resulting in a miniature version that resembles them.

How is it made?

It is handcrafted based on the picture that you send to the artist.

How is it unique?

Mini You from Duck Duck Story offers a unique and personalized way to capture the likeness and characteristics of an individual in the form o