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The art team will email you to take the date block and story book details after the order is placed. 


Looking for some awesome anniversary goodies?. Here is everything you need to make it spectacular.


The Anniversary Basket has 3 awesome goodies.


  • Anniversary Date Block

A handcrafted art block made with real dresses by the artisans that etches your memorable day. The art team will be emailing you for the date and dresses.


  • Personalized Love Book

The characters are based on your look and the story + narrative is based on your life events and memories. It's carefully crafted by writers and design artists for a story that everyone would love. 



  • Greeting Card

Your note put in the sweetest greeting card.


Well, that's all the info you needed. Following are some of the details of the personalized book and how it's made.


What is it?

This customized animation story book is based on your memories, things you like about each other, things you do together etc. The story is based on your inputs and characters are animated based on your looks. It’s crafted with hands.


  • 1 Personalized Story Book
  • Fill story questionnaire after the order
  • Narrative around important events of your life, memories, things you do together
  • 20-25 pages
  • A5 size book
  • Two characters in every book
  • Free Shipping

How does this work?

Once the order is placed we will send you the questionnaire over the email. You can fill it up and writers and sketch will take care of the story and sketches.

Are the characters based on my looks?

Yes, we ask for 1-2 pictures to create the characters.

Can I add other details that are not covered in the questions you ask?

Absolutely, it’s an open-ended questionnaire.

Anniversary Basket

SKU: 21753712377491
  • The team will be emailing you from for the story and pictures.

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