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Duck Duck Story brings the art of heartfelt gifting, where every present is chosen with love and thoughtfulness to touch the soul. From personalized treasures to meaningful gestures, let your gifts speak volumes of your affection and appreciation. Embrace the joy of giving and create cherished memories that warm the heart.

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Happy Customers

"It's for his birthday, on which the same day we are getting engaged and also same day is our anniversary. when I saw the illustrations and books, I cried out of amusement and was quiet overwhelmed. He is yet to see the book but dibs that is the best gift he is gonna receive. " 

Vanshika Singh

"Duck Duck Story is one of my favorite stores. I love all the products they are bringing. So far I've taken the story book and sculptures and everything is just so amazing."

Nihar Pandya

"I just received the Duck Duck story book my Friends gifted us for our wedding, made by You. It is 500000 times beautiful and adorable that I cant stop looking and crying over it & thank you so sooo much for your work."

Henna Maryam

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*Now also in India and Australia

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