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Introducing the Behen ka Mug - a delightful addition to your tea or coffee rituals, celebrating the cherished bond between siblings! This 300 ml white ceramic mug is not just a beverage holder; it's a symbol of sisterly love and affection.


Crafted with care and attention to detail, the Behen ka Mug features a sleek design with a comfortable handle, ensuring a comfortable grip as you enjoy your favorite drink. Its pristine white exterior serves as a beautiful canvas for the endearing "Behen ka Mug" design, adding a touch of warmth and sentiment to your daily routine.


  • 1 Mug
  • 300 ml Volume
  • Ceramic Material
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe

Whether you're sharing secrets over a cup of tea or laughing over stories with your sister, this mug is designed to enhance those precious moments. Its ample capacity allows for generous servings of your chosen beverage, while the durable ceramic construction ensures long-lasting durability.


Perfect for home use, office desks, or as a thoughtful gift for your sister, the Behen ka Mug is sure to bring joy to her heart with every sip. Celebrate the unique bond you share with your sister and elevate your drinking experience with the Behen ka Mug - because sisterhood is a treasure to be cherished.

Behen Ka Mug

  • Made in ceramic

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